Note: Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, the public is unfortunately not allowed. You can follow the European Championship via our social media channels or the TV broadcast.

  1. During the event, Autotron is only accessible to people holding a valid entry ticket or accreditation.
  2. Consumptions on the outside area are only available through consumption coins, which are for sale on the outside area. In the indoor restaurant payment with pin or cash is possible.
  3. It is not allowed to stay overnight in the parking lot at Autotron Rosmalen with a Camper/Caravan/Motorhome.
  4. Bringing your own food and drinks into the venue is not allowed (except competitors). There are outlets selling food and drinks at the venue. There will be a bag check upon entering Autotron.
  5. Drugs, weapons and fireworks are strictly forbidden.
  6. Parking is only permitted at the designated locations.
  7. We advise you all to carry with you during identification.
  8. We do not sell alcohol to persons under the age of 18.
  9. It is permitted to take photos and / or videos with cameras without a replaceable lens (such as smartphones) for personal use. Commercial / professional use is not permitted without written permission.
  10. It is not allowed to bring glassware outside of the areas where the glassware is distributed.
  11. Collecting money or distributing leaflets is only allowed after receiving a written consent by the Organization.
  12. The security personnel are entitled to frisking and personal searches. If you are not willing to cooperate, entrance to the venue will be denied.
  13. Autotron is a smoke free venue. Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas.
  14. You are obliged to follow the instructions of the security personnel and/or Autotron staff at all times.
  15. It is not allowed to lean over the track railing. Coats etc are never allowed on or hanging over the track railing!
  16. Unauthorized persons are never allowed on the track.
  17. Autotron is entitled to making image or audio recordings of the venue, the activities in the venue or the visitors in and around the venue. If you don’t want to be visible on those images, avoid the places where film crew(s) and/or photographers are working.
  18. Visiting Autotron is at your own risk.
  19. Autotron and the Organization of the Track World Championships do not accept liability to personal injuries, theft, loss, missing or damage to personal possessions occurring during the visit of the venue, unless it is the result of deliberate recklessness on the part of Autotron and Organization.
  20. Autotron and Organization are not accountable for consequential damage, including damage to businesses and/or loss of income.
  21. If Autotron nor the Organization can use the abovementioned limitation of liability than Autotron’s liability will be limited to the amount of the general liability insurance coverage, including the cost of the deductible.
  22. In situations where the house rules do not provide, the security personnel/Autotron decides on the possible action(s) to be taken.

In case of doubt on the interpretation or validity of these rules and regulations, the Dutch language version of this document will be decisive.